The Top 10 Lil B Tweets: Ranked

I went to six concerts in one week & only spent $15


John Mulaney Is Not A Kid Anymore

“What the recording can’t capture and what I will share with you, is the electric energy I felt while seeing Mulaney perform."



Abhi the Nomad – Marbled

"The cohesiveness of this album, combined with the individual personalities of each song truly allows one to be appreciative of music as an art form and, more casually, an enhancement of our daily lives."



Earthbound (SNES)

"I started EarthBound with 2+ years of anticipation under my belt."



Things I Learned on a Walk With the Engineer Bois While Having a Nervous Breakdown™

"A few times I also tried to literally run away from my problems by taking off unexpectedly but ultimately was stopped by the fact that I haven’t done a cardio workout since 2016."