The Amateur Radio Organization for Undergraduate Student Entertainment is Ohio State's Student Radio station, organized to retain freedom of expression as a necessary function of quality entertainment, and maintain a respectful metadiscourse within an increasingly polarized world.

Our programming during typical class months boasts 10 DJs per day, each with a one-hour time slot. Programming ranges from Alternative to Anything that ends in -wave" to Sports to Country/Jazz Power Hours, and everything in between.

For years, we broadcasted from Rendezvous Hair Salon from 9am to 10pm, before the station was literally struck by lightning, and in this Act Of God, we were forced to move.
In Autumn 2016, legendary Campus eatery Buckeye Donuts was gracious enough to take us in and house us for a full year of 24-Hour Programming.
In Summer 2017, we moved North once more to Evolved Body Art on Summit and Hudson. It lasted about two months before an unfortunate incident led us out of SoHud. Sorry, Nick.
At the end of the summer, Buckeye Donuts graciously reopened their basement to the organization.

In Autumn 2018, AROUSE broadcasted from a new studio location in Smith Lab.

For the 2019-20 school year AROUSE is broadcasting from a brand new (and fantastic) room in Hagerty Hall!

In 2021, Arouse began broadcasting from the lovely Journalism Building.


Want to be a part of this lovely organization? We're always looking for new friends to share the airwaves! Reach out to us at arouseosu@gmail.com in July or early August to be a part of our next wave of DJs (for the first time, space is not guaranteed, but we will try our best to get you involved!)

Don't want a show, but want to hang out? That's perfectly okay! We're always in need of articles, photos, new music, tips, leads, requests, and suggestions from our awesome listeners and readers. Reach out to us at arouseosu@gmail.com and see how you can be a part!