Mac Demarco Pee Pants Singlehandedly Stumped Our Web Service

Claims "Website content quality is not high standard."

by Charles Hausfeld


FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 22 - Early Friday morning, AROUSE president, Grayson Kelly, was criticized by the web service (name withheld for privacy), citing "Website content quality is not high standard". Kelly then reportedly relayed this news to a private group of AROUSE associates stating: "Just thought y'all should know that the rando trying to sell us website stuff has just accused us of having Website Content that is not High Standard...".

Article "Mac Demarco Singlehandedly Makes New York Fashion Week Pee Pants" - freelance reporter Charles Hausfeld's coverage of the Mac Demarco inspired wet pants fashion trend emerging during New York Fashion Week 2017 - was uploaded to AROUSE's featured front page on on September 19. The web service criticism was received 3 days later, some claiming the timing no coincidence.

"[The web service] didn't understand the true genius behind the Mac Demarco article", states Allyson Hazen, a member of the private associate group.

Other members have cited the interaction as an example of the "MDPPSSOWS effect", with Alexandra Adcock coining the principle.

Meanwhile, Patrick Binger says "Fuck 'em".

AROUSE is awaiting response from the web service after asking for comment.

Charles Hausfeld is executive curator and Co-host to Late Night With Dave & Special Guest Jimmy.