DJ Of The Month: Amara Sydnor

"I feel freaking great."


Please - Join all of us at AROUSE in sending a warm congratulations to our first DJ Of The Month, Amara Sydnor. Amara was awarded this honor after submitting this incredible short film, titled Irrational Love. It's worth your watch. Trust us.

Q: You just won DJ Of The Month... How do you feel?

Amara: I feel freaking great.

Q: What's the concept of this short film?

Amara: Irrational Love is a high concept take on musicals and romance stories. Alex and Skylar thought they were learning about math, but they were learning about love.

Q: What was the reason for putting this together?

Amara: We made this film for a short film festival. We won best picture, woooo!

Q: What made you take it in a musical direction?

Amara: My friend suggested musicals, so we just did it.

Q: So... What's next?

Amara: I take over the world, that's the only logical step to take.

Amara Sydnor is host to Dancing With Dayman on AROUSE Tuesdays from 5p-6p.