Night Train

Ben Kowalski & Jared 'Steel' Walker

Thursday 5p-6p


"We are a ""comedy duo"" who love to argue and talk about music. Occasionally we will feature a special guest (The one and only 6 god, Drizzy, said he'd pull through, bet). Join us as we move our musical locomotive down the tracks and bars of some jam-heavy tracks.

Favorite Genres: Jazz, Rock, Rap, New Shit"


Podcast Wise: My Brother, My Brother, and Me, Sleepy Cabin, Ram Ranch: A Case Study, The OJ Trial: The Musical

Life Wise: Dr. Phil, Tommy Wiseau, Minecraft Steve, Goku, Black Goku, Blue Goku, Nelson Mandela, Thor

Music Wise: Pop Punk, Punk Pop, Punk-core Pop, Pop-core Punk, Jazz, Viper


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