While we live, let's live

on Brant Bjork

by Alexis Loebick


The Palm Desert in the 1980s was a wealthy, economic marketplace of luxury.

For people over their 20s at least.

For the youth there was a culture blossoming around skating, drugs, and music. The kids wanted to rebel and proceeded to make their own punk movement - in the desert.

From this low desert culture came Brant Bjork. A virtuoso of drumming, strumming and singing. He easily became one of the most influential musicians from the desert rock scene.

To me Brant Bjork is one of the most valuable musicians around. He has shaped the sound of desert rock, with his work in bands like Kyuss to Fu Manchu. He founded Kyuss in 1987, the band that created the tuned down, fuzzy sound I love.

Brant Bjork has had a pivotal role in shaping a culture, history and experience in music for myself and many others. I was fortunate enough to share this experience with Brant Bjork and many others when he stopped by Columbus on tour on Monday, September 16th.

There was nothing I could compare the experience to. It was easy to tell that the audience in attendance were long standing fans and supporters, people who shared the value of his music and the culture surrounding it. Everyone was getting as close to the stage as physically possible, interacting with the band and other concert attendees. Swaying, headbanging and grooving.

The 20th Anniversary reissue of Brant Bjork’s Jalamanta was released the Friday before the show, an indicator that his popularity and the value of his music sustains. Bjork worked with the original sound engineer to remaster his solo debut album. Hearing these songs live was euphoric. The wave of energy reaching the audience, bringing to mind the adventures that brought him to our stage, was heavy. It was a special moment to me, bringing me close to someone who has shaped a lot of my music tastes today.

I would highly recommend putting on an album you love and thinking about the people and culture that shaped the music. Why do you love it? Where does the value come from? How has it affected you and your music tastes. Live through the music.

If you need me, I will be doing the same with Jalamanta.

"While we live, let's live."
-Brant Bjork