Chance the Rapper

The Big Day

by Mason Hayes


First Listen Track-by-Track Review

Heavily influenced by Kanye’s soulfulness (as Chance has always been) and the electronic sounds of Francis and the lights this album is a great summer soundtrack. Sonically Post Malone’s style is also heard in both the flows and many of the beats which Chance easily brings uniquely into his own style. As is on par with Chance’s aura this album exudes positive vibrations and contemplative subject matter mixed with bouncy dance tracks. A plethora of features gives the impression that this album was really a collective effort on the part of the positive hip-hop community.
Favorites: All Day Long, Do You Remember, Eternal, Get a Bag, Sun Come Down
Least Favorites: Hot Shower, Big Fish, Slide Around, Town On The Hill
All Day Long
High energy opening track that is very similar to Coloring Book opening track All We Got with choir- esque vocals from…. Is that john legend?? This track is for welcome week dartying on your front lawn.
Quotable: “Back yard blastin, dance till it’s grassless”

Do You Remember
A warm nostalgic synth-summer anthem that rides Ben Gibbard’s vocals (of Death Cab for Cutie), reminds you of memories from the good old days that you haven’t made yet. Very similar to his collaboration with Francis and the Lights ‘May I Have This Dance’. For Saturday afternoon porch sipping with your crew.

Quotable: “Used to have obsession with the 27 club / Now I'm turning 27 wanna make it to the 2070 club / Put the 27s down Lord give me a clean lung”
Insert Chicago souuuuuuul right here! Groovy instrumentation that ties the perfect knot between Chance’s talk-rap with Smino’s drawling bars. Queue this one up when you’re driving her home from the first date that went far better than you could have expected.
Quotable: “I always been fine / This is not new wine / I just happened to find a way to live my whole life in my prime”

Hot Shower
100% guaranteed to accompany more cringey white-people memes. It sounds like Chance is trying his best to be a second rate Migos, but he failed even at that. DaBaby (who?) actually saves the track with a slick final verse, although I wish he had the first so I could skip to the next track when he’s done.
Quotable: “DUDE I just called the plug, and his phone was unplugged, I was looking at Doug like (ooh ooh) DUDE”

We Go High
Some of Chance’s songs come across like spoken word, and this is a prime example. In an honest and thoughtful way he contemplates his relationship with his wife, ego, and God. When people talk ‘real’ this is what they’re talking about. For when those late night thoughts won’t let you sleep.
Quotable: “I don’t need an EGOT as long as I got you God / Deep breath, Woosah”

I Got You (Always and Forever)
A stripped down derivative of disco-funk influence. Topic? Outside opinions. Take a listen and then tweet your thoughts (and try not to be offended when someone disagrees). For when you’re walking to class.
Quotable: “They prefer success, less, than when we stressed”

Photo Ops (Skit)
Grandad Freeman strikes again! Put some respek on it!

Recruiting his brother, Chance and Taylor pay homage to a shared childhood under their fathers reign as ‘Man of the House’. A relatively plain track that leaves more to be desired. For when you’re trying to explain to your soundcloud producer the sound effects that you don’t want.
Quotable: “I’ll have all these niggas hiding / avoiding meetings like vegans”

The Big Day
It was only a matter of time before Chance brought Francis and the Lights onto a track for this project, as he fits the overall sound admirably, rightfully so on the title track. Channeling his inner Denzel Curry
Quotable: “The only way to survive is to go crazy”

Let’s Go On The Run
Bringing the energy back with Knox Fortune and a pleasant piano riff, the first half of this song will be well received at the outdoor venues of his upcoming tour. For your roadtripping playlist.
Quotable: “Lets beat the traffic / give it a whippin”

A post-malone-esque track that fits nicely into the self love culture that Chance has always cultivated so well. Megan Thee Stalion hops on for the second verse and gives us all some insight into the mind of the self proclaimed Bad Bitch – not to be confused with Bhad Bhabie who would have been a nice addition to this number. For when you feel fresh cruising through the city.
Quotable: “I know I'm a catch, I'm a swordfish / Got me on your hook, on your chorus”

Big Fish
Chance lays down a substantial first verse enjoyable in both flow and lyric over an effortless bassline followed by who else but… Gucci Mane? A certain way to turn an interesting track fraudulent. Hype this song up to your one friend who loves Gucci, it might just be the only track they enjoy on this album.
Quotable: “This the rock that gave pride to a man-cub”

Ballin Flossin
A lighthearted bop carried by Shawn Mendes on the chorus. For your pre-game apartment groove sessions.
Quoteable: “Peanut butter jelly with a baseball bat”

4 Quarters In The Black (Skit)
Keith David shows up seemingly of his own accord to both be impressed and jab at Chance’s risk/reward complex.

5 Year Plan
An encouragement for the faithful to stick with their convictions, falling in the same vein as How Great from Coloring Book. For your drive to or from church when you’ve momentarily decided to get your life back on track.
Quotable: “I know short cuts cut short long runs”

Get A Bag
A blissful voice-sampled instrumental amplifies Chance and CalBoy’s silky flows to create one of the best tracks on the album. The summer vibe. Drop the top and blast this one.
Quoteable: “I pull up in that Elon, all these niggas felines / I stopped smokin cigarettes, now pussy taste like key lime”

Slide Around
Nicki Minaj and Chance team up on the mellower side of things, unfortunately Lil Durk adds a childish/ soundcloud effect through the last verse that transitions this from a neutral filler track to one that’s easily skippable. For middle school meetups at the mall.
Quotable: “Act like they don’t follow, but everyone sheep”

Sun Come Down
A sentimental track that is a great way to begin rounding up the album. Sprinkled with more spoken word moments its easy to ride this wave. For solo study sessions and/or beach sunsets.
Quotable: “Who to put in my will / Who to put in my won’t”

Found A Good One (Single No More)
A dedication to his significant other over energetic synth and choir sounds that speeds up near the end almost as if it’s preparing for a drop in the next song that never comes. Partially produced by TrapMoneyBenny of Drakes In My Feelings, and you can hear it. For background music while folding laundry with your new girlfriend.
Quotable: “Now what you witnessed was a parallel paradigm / You was there, you just wasn't there in time”

Town On The Hill
Trying to transition back to the slower album outro feeling Chance again takes influence from Francis and the Lights. It works, but that’s about it. No notable quotables.

Our House (Skit)
A surprise appearance from what sounded like moaning myrtle left me in a very literal what the fuck is going on confusion.

Zanies and Fools
Initially lulling you into thinking the album will just fade away slowly and softly this track picks up and ties a nice bow on this well timed, warm summer album. Although I do wish that Chance had the last word on his own album instead of giving it to Nicki, it emphasizes the closing theme of women empowerment.
Quotable: “The teachers put me in the back where I was learning to hide / Cause when the teachers call you special, that's a perfect disguise”