Neo-Psych Rockers Maybird Kick Off The First Ever CD102.5 Fall Fest in Columbus

A bird in the hand beats two in the bush...

by Kirby Kelly


Rochester, New York might not sound like a breeding ground for psych rock, but it proves to be the perfect backdrop for Maybird’s upstate-meets-Brooklyn sound. If you haven’t heard of them yet, it’s likely because they’ve been busy: Along with touring their latest EP, Turning Into Water, the band has been working on their first major LP.

Brothers Adam and Josh Netsky, Sam Snyder, James Preston, and Kurt Johnson make up the band. The alt rockers fuse their sixties influences with elements of modern psychedelia a la Of Montreal. The band stopped through Columbus last weekend for the inaugural CD102.5 Fall Fest, and AROUSE was fortunate enough to check out their set.

Before the show, the band perused the iconic Magnolia Thunderpussy Records for their favorite vinyl albums. Maybird’s picks included Grandaddy’s Sumday and titles from Radiohead and The War On Drugs. Watch the footage below.

The band performed a 30-minute show at A&R Music Bar. Maybird’s setup boasts an array of pedals, buttons, and gadgets that are just as entertaining to watch as the band themselves. Tight performances of their earlier tracks, including their namesake “Maybird,” show that the five-piece have perfected their sound. The highlight of the show was their most recent single, “Turning Into Water,” a distinctly uptempo track that infused energy into their performance.

CD102.5’s Fall Fest marked Maybird’s first time performing in Columbus, but if you missed their set, not to fear: The band revealed they’re returning to the CD102.5 Big Room at the end of this year. Watch their latest video for “Turning Into Water” below, and stay tuned for new material from these guys.

Kirby Kelly is an Ohio State student, as well as a contributor to AROUSE and Nylon magazine.