Had the Beach Boys Been A Poet (My Little Surfer Man)

Art by Lilly Raco
Words by Meaghan Thalia Bermudes


You smell
Like beer and sand
And sunshine and one-grey cloud.
You look like
green and blue and orange
Over an infinite ocean and feel like
The deep red on the edge of the salty sea
Just about to tip over.

You sound like surf riffs
Of 1960 french pop songs
And 1950 influenced sunshine pop.
When you’re quiet you sound like darkened bike paths
And light breeze that hides in the twilight trails beside them.

And you taste
Like endless summers
With low mountains over white washed beach
and hills that roll on and on
Never feigning or wilting in the hot sun
And it’ll be warm there
and safe there
forever and ever.

October 27th, 2016 marked the 10th anniversary of Amy's Back To Black.

Lilly Raco is host to Bringing Back The 2000s, Wednesdays on AROUSE.