Out of View by Tomorrow Daily

Review by Kiera Foster


Before instruments even enter, the familiar sounds of summer immediately place us in a peaceful June evening. The guitar strums are perfectly fitting; the kind that could be played with the purpose of complimenting conversational chatter. “Out of View” creates a slow burn that catches fire with the drums met at chorus, simulating the experience of recanting a situation and growing angry as you do so. We are brought back down for the following verse, which continues to share the observations of a person’s toxicity. There’s truly no better remedy to a bitter breakup than lyrics coated with sarcasm over an upbeat melody. My favorite line of which being, “What was I to you?” Because although it’s understood that our words will never be absorbed or valued, a question can feel like the most powerful way to express frustration. It seems to harness the urge to spell someone’s wrongs out for them, while also wishing they were capable of figuring it out on their own.

I believe this song is accompanied best by an eye roll and some leftover anger on your tongue, but not without expectations to enjoy yourself. “Out of View” provides a long withheld satisfaction, and invites you to celebrate at the build up of harmonies and strong vocals. There is a comforting nostalgia in how it encompasses the familiar feelings of teenage angst, consisting of the desire to be heard and feeling overly misunderstood. The real relief comes at the end, concluding with the guitar that resembles a soothing exhale and polished by a calmly spoken “cool”; which Tomorrow Daily most certainly is.

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