Fish Puns with Long John Silver's Executives

An OSU Student recieves top honors from the CEO of Long John Silvers at a Columbus location.

by Grayson Kelly, Malu Marzarotto, Adam DeGuire


Here at AROUSE, we're no stranger to recieving Press Releases. Usually it's the same thing: An artist, many times local, asking for radio play.

This Press Release, though, was out of the ordinary.

We were alerted that Long John Silvers would be honoring its number one fan, OSU student Joel Harris, with a lunch at a southern Columbus location, where he would be surprised by the CEO of the company.

The pair would be available for interviews after the event.

We did what any aspiring journalists would do, and skipped our classes to cover this very entertaining event. We're very glad we did.

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Audio assistance was provided by Adam DeGuire, AROUSE legend and host of The Rhythm Bandit Escapades on AROUSE Fridays from 7p-8p.