Mystery Hour With Professor Mystery

Professor Mystery

Tuesdays 2p-3p


Professor Mystery emerged late last April, ready to fire truth bullets and tell it like it is wearing a ski mask and clout goggles to conceal his identity from the masses. However, it did not go as well as he had hoped. Many suspect that Professor Mystery and Owen Milnes, beloved former host of equally beloved radio show What They Don't Want You To Know, are one and the same. Are they? After all, it is there where Professor Mystery first appeared- in the aftermath of the season finale. Is this Owen Milnes running around in a ski mask and clout goggles like a jackass? Possibly. Is this some sort of Fight Club dual personality thing? Maybe. Is this a completely new beloved radio host inspired by the truth bullets fired on What THEY Don't Want YOU to Know? Who knows? All I know is that YOU should listen every Tuesday @2:00 pm to this mystery man talk about, hell, whatever it is he talks about.


Tom Delonge, Dr. X, Kid Charlemagne, Dr. Doofenshmirtz, rapper/artist Logan Hall III


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