AROUSE Takes Nelsonville Music Festival

Recap: Homecoming Festival (Cincinnati, OH)


An Extended Stay at Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino

"The intensely personal record is an attempt by Alex Turner to make sense of his life through sharing his frustrations and experiences as a famed musician."



Hop Along at Ace of Cups

"Is [the new album] a statement of intent from a band who, after three years, returned with an album decidedly more quiet and mature than anything they’ve ever written? Or could it even be wait fuck that’s not the line for the show, is it? Shit I knew I should have gotten here earlier. I bet there’s no fucking parking, either. Fuck."



Thank You, Buckeye Donuts

How a legendary local business saved College Radio at Ohio State.



Preoccupations (Calgary, AB)

Scott Munro of the famed post-punk outfit chats with AROUSE (as he recovers from a foot injury) backstage in Philadelphia.